Job Interview

How to Survive your First Job Interview

Job interviews don’t have to be as difficult as most people expect them to be. Regardless of how intimidating or terrifying your interviewer could be, what is important is your confidence in your own skills, knowledge in your field, how you present yourself, willingness to learn, and how memorable … [Read More...]

Ethics Code

5 Reasons Why your Business should have a Solid Ethics Code

You as the boss are the supreme commander and leader of your business. But that doesn’t necessarily equate into immunity when it comes to work ethics. To be successful in creating a solid ethics standard in your workplace, you have to take responsibility in setting the direction of ethics that your … [Read More...]

Office Romance

Office Romance: Yeay or Nay?

Professionalism is the one quality trait either required or expected from everyone working in a company. Yes, you can make friends with your boss and co-workers, but the professionalism should stay the same: you clock in, finish all the work required, and then clock out. But since most employees … [Read More...]

Leonardo DiCaprio

Ka-Ching! 14 Ways to Better Save Money this Year

If there’s one word most people welcome the New Year with, it’s “Broke”. Yep, holiday season is one of the most expensive, spending-spree times of the year with all the parties, decorations, and gifts for people. Giving fuels us with joy indeed, but with it comes credit card bills, and some of us … [Read More...]

Walking Dogs

9 More Ways How College Students Can Earn Extra Cash

There’s really more obligations when you become a college student. You are more likely to be embarrassed to ask money from your parents every time your friends ask you out. You would want to buy more clothes for school to attract the opposite sex. You would want to buy food to help you become less … [Read More...]