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5 Proven Practices in Building your Business Brand

Personal Brand

If your brand immediately comes to mind whenever someone mentions a particular product, then you can safely say that you’ve succeeded in building your brand. This is exactly the case for the Coca-Cola brand, which has been the flagship of the soda industry for over a century now. Achieving this level of success is the result of solid practices that has shaped the biggest brands in one way or another. Here are five of them:

Think Out of the Box

Don’t be afraid to experiment and take risks! If product poses some subtle similarities to other brands, make sure to make yours stand out! Invest in features that will show consumers that you are a visionary who strives for excellence more than profit. Do you think that the owner of Nokia hates the fact that the word “indestructible” is associated directly with his products? Of course not! So while all other mobile phones are generalized as fragile, Nokia has made a name for itself for being uniquely durable.

Hire the Right People

Making it big is practically impossible if you plan to go solo all the way, which is why you eventually have to distribute tasks to people who have the necessary skills. Not only will the manpower be multiplied, but you’ll also have a roomful of brains to bounce ideas with. You’ll never know how much innovation you can attain until you hear your employees out. Although this doesn’t mean you can slack off! You still have to do your part as the boss and owner.

Package your Product

Marketing your products/services plays an important role in building your brand. Make an impression on your target market by starting off with bazaars and social media platforms. Nowadays, social networking services makes things a lot easier for starting businesses. If you can get artists or bloggers to promote you, then that’s even better!

Think Ahead

Set a goal and run to it. Never start with just the purpose of earning money. Always think bigger! It may be as simple as “I want to export my goods” or something more ambitious like “I want my brand to be bigger than Starbucks”. It doesn’t matter really, as long as you’re working towards your goal. Always move forward, don’t stay at a certain level too long and get comfortable just because you think you’re doing well. Remember that there will always be room for improvement.

Quality Control

Never let the quality of your product or service slip. A lot of people willingly pay for expensive Nike shoes even though they can buy an equally nice pair for up to a fourth of the price. This is because customers know it’s worth every penny they pay. An unsatisfied customer will most likely refuse to make a repeat purchase; therefore, never think twice about investing in quality control and customer care.


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