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5 Reasons Why your Business should have a Solid Ethics Code

Ethics Code

You as the boss are the supreme commander and leader of your business. But that doesn’t necessarily equate into immunity when it comes to work ethics. To be successful in creating a solid ethics standard in your workplace, you have to take responsibility in setting the direction of ethics that your managers and employees will abide by.

A solid ethics code should tackle the following work factors:

  • Customer Treatment
  • Rules for relationships within the company
  • Discrimination of whatever kind
  • Resolution of internal conflicts
  • Standard of quality

These is only the tip of the iceberg if you’re serious about building and maintaining a solid ethics code in your company. Letting your employees and managers know how customers should be treated is number one in the list of priorities for any business. Without clients, there probably wouldn’t even be a business.

When it comes to rules regarding discrimination, there is pretty much only one: don’t do it. There should be no tolerance for this act no matter the situation. One employee should not find less favor in the eyes of anyone in management, including yourself, just because of the color of his skin tone, nationality or even disability.

Office romance is sometimes frowned upon, especially by the bosses. There are many reasons behind this, but not all companies have a policy against it. It all depends on whether a company allows it or not. Now you, as a business owner, should also have a stand on this. Always think of what’s best for both business and staff.

Having internal conflicts between managers, employees and even board members are not unheard of. In fact, most businessmen are already used to this sort of thing. However, if not handled with proper ethics in mind, it could affect the business negatively. This is why it is important to have a solid ethics code that tackles how situations such as this should be taken care of.

The quality of work delivered by the people operating the business should also be guided accordingly by the ethics code. This will help motivate the members of the company to strive harder to deliver outputs that won’t put the code to shame.

If any of the ethics code are to be violated, there should also be set sanctions that will be acted upon. Without punishments, it will be too easy to not stick to what the code says and ultimately, efforts to keep it in place will be futile.

Now we come to the big question of WHY your business should have a solid ethics code. To answer that as frankly as possible, here are the benefits of having a good ethics code that is written down and incorporated to every single member of the company:


1) It creates and supports a working atmosphere that is respectable and comfortable at the same time. Employees and managers will be confident that their colleagues will deliver outstanding productivity because it is expected of them.

2) It boosts the level of communication both internally and externally for the company. Being backed by a solid ethics code empowers employees to speak out without fear of being singled out by the higher ops. A workplace atmosphere that isn’t polluted by fear is definitely a good place to be in.

3) A positive company reputation will spread to the clients, customers and competitors within the industry and probably even farther out.

4) Legal Considerations will be easier to weigh in with a solid ethics code within the company. Anyone who has run a business of whatever kind will know how dirty things can get, especially if a certain sum of money is involved. A solid ethics code will help keep the business on a straight path, away from the dangers of illegal transactions that could, in the end, destroy the entire company and the people in it.

5) Decisions, decisions and more decisions. This is the burden of being a business operator. It can be quite a daunting task, more so if there is no ethics code to lean on when the time of indecisiveness arrives. Whether it be a mere part of daily decisions to make or a strategic one that could change the face of the company, a solid ethics code will help everyone do the right thing to achieve the best decision.


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