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5 Simple Ways to Develop Motivated Employees

The employees of a business organization are the workforce that keeps the business alive. Therefore, motivating them will be vital if you want them to keep improving in their respective fields. Sometimes, employee motivation is a little bit of a mystery for many bosses or managers, but understanding and executing it can be done in 5 simple steps.

These 5 steps are satisfaction, appreciation, recognition, inspiration and compensation. Lets us tackle each 5 one by one.

Motivated Employees

1) Employee Motivation by Building Satisfaction

A happy and satisfied workforce is needed to sustain good profits. Having a work environment that attracts, focuses, and keeps talented people is ensured to have loyal and satisfied employees. Satisfaction can be attained be maintaining a nice and clean environment. When employees are satisfied, customers will also be too.

2) Employee Motivation through Genuine Appreciation

Failing to recognize the positive behaviours and achievements of employees will surely sabotage employee motivation. It is a common mistake for superiors to only communicate with employees only if they have done something wrong. This attitude of ignorance should be replaced by one that is fueled by appreciation. It may not seem much, but a pat on the back can go a long way. Positive comments will also boost the motivation of your employees.

3) Employee Motivation through Recognition

Recognition is oftentimes a manager’s secret weapon for employee motivation. Most employees are very motivated by the opportunities that involve promotions, freebies, awards, you name it. Look for ways to motivate employees by recognizing excellence in the workplace. Doing small things like ringing a bell every time a team hits the production target date. Putting up pictures of excellent performing teams will certainly help. Giving awards for perfect attendance will also be beneficial if you want to promote punctuality. Recognition does not usually equate to giving out money as reward, but inexpensive intangible rewards can also motivate employees.

4) Employee Motivation through Inspiration

Inspiration comes from leadership and good examples. This form of motivation includes the company’s mission/vision, purpose, and goals. Employees will want to work for an organization that is going somewhere and stands for something good, one that provides a meaningful service to its customers. Keeping a well-inspired, mission-oriented organization can be accomplished if it is run by leaders who are focused and passionate.

5) Employee Motivation through Compensation

One way or another, all employees are motivated by money, as money will be their source to fulfil their basic needs and wants. Compensation can come in various forms such as salary increases, performance bonuses, commissions, profit sharing, or any material rewards such as cars, paid vacations, or any tangible rewards. Needless to say, compensations will always be one of the biggest motivations for employees, so give enough well-deserved compensation to diligent and honest employees to maintain their good performance and to boost their motivation.

Summing them all up, these five steps can really increase employee motivation. Remember that motivation is a key to a successful business, as motivating can boost the performance and moral of the workforce that directly results to customer satisfaction, repeat sales, and increasing profits.


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