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8 Marketing Tips we can learn from the Avengers Movie

Avengers Assemble! It’s official: the Avengers movie is the top grossing debut film of all time with an estimated $200.3 million in its domestic market. The film’s total global box office gross is approximately $641.8 million in 12 days since its release.

As great as the film is, those whopping figures would not have been possible without great marketing. So what did the Avengers do to assemble such a MARVELous marketing campaign? Here are some tips based on the acronym A.V.E.N.G.E.R.S.

The Avengers

Apps and Games

With the Avengers movie still months away, Marvel and Playdom got together to create the popular Avengers Alliance game on Facebook, fuelling more interest for the film. As with any Facebook game, you have to invite friends over to play the game as well to send gifts.

The guys at Colantotte created an app were you could send an Avenger to a friend who embodied a character trait that represented that Avenger.

Make people send the image of your brand, product or company through apps or games without being too overt about it. If the app comes from a friend, they’re more than likely to at least look at it.

Virtual promotional materials

With the internet, posters have broader distribution and can have as many variations as you want without having to spend for printing. Sources say that Marvel released 18 virtual and printed posters. But it could be more. They also came up with 3 full-length trailers, a few teasers, and five 30-second TV spots which you can also watch from YouTube.

Maximize all available means of virtual promos like posters, teasers, trailers, wallpapers, and a website with all sorts of cool downloadable stuff. If the fans like what you promote, they will share these materials for you and save you the cost of unnecessary expensive marketing.

Engage in social media

Social media sites are one of the most effective tools in marketing today. Like most films, The Avengers has a Facebook page just, and  As of May 7, there were about 1,602,136 people who has liked their page. Can you imagine the excitement the site creates simply by bringing updates to fans? If there’s any news about the Avengers, you can be sure it’s on their Facebook page.

Facebook and Twitter are excellent social media sites to update fans and create buzz from followers. Make sure you have both and make it a point that you update them as often as possible.

Cast of The Avengers

Never compromise quality

Quality should never be compromised for the sake of simply “having something out there”. One wrong marketing move could prove to be disastrous. In the case of the Avengers, you can tell the quality of the marketing simply from the excitement created by each news, trailer, poster, magazine cover, etc. Not everything was excellent but none of them was terrible.

How do you know if you have quality material? Ask around. Show it to a few patrons and see if they get excited by your material. If you get little or no reaction, chances are you need to scrap it.

Generate momentum

The scene after the end credits of Iron Man planted the seed of excitement inside fan boys and girls that the Avengers movie was in the works. Each time a Marvel film was released, people would wait for the end credits to come. This made us envision the assembling of the Avengers in 2012.

While the movie was being made, Marvel would release teaser posters and wallpapers before showing photos, teaser trailers, and then exploding into full-blown ads from every kind of mass media.

Tease your customers. Move slowly but strategically making sure you target the right audience first. Making believers out of your primary market will rub-off into your secondary market, and so on. As you get closer to your launch date, release your promo materials with increasing regularity. As the momentum hits critical mass, word of mouth marketing, and viral marketing will do much of the work for you.

Energize your fan base

The entire cast and main crew members were present at the 2010 San Diego Comic Convention making sure that its primary target market got a glimpse of the people behind their beloved Avengers. This single event created such a buzz that the fans flocked to YouTube to watch their heroes assemble in public for the first time.

Always be visible in events where your fan base is strongest. Choose only the important ones where you can leverage your image the most.

Re-invent for a new generation

Failing to stay current kills a brand. The Avengers are comic book characters that have been around for more than 40 years but the movie reflects the same heroes but re-imagined for this generation.

Stay true to what makes your brand, product, or company great but stay current by re-branding, changing your logo or the presentation of your product among other things.

Sponsorships and Licenses

According to Variety magazine, Avengers has Acura, Visa, Harley-Davidson, Hershey, Farmers Insurance, Dr. Pepper, Wyndham Hotels, Land O’Frost lunchmeats, Colantotte bracelets, Red Baron pizza, Symantec, and Oracle as its sponsors. Local sponsors from international markets are not even included here. The Avengers also has a wide array of licensees from toys to food chains to colognes.

Get your brand, product, or company logo all over the place. Strike up partnerships with establishments that would benefit from you as much as you would benefit from them.

The Avengers movie is a classic example of excellent marketing execution. The movie lived up to its hype and its promotion augmented the brilliant quality of the movie.


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