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Twitter for Business

5 Wrong Ways to Use Twitter for Business

Twitter has been a real blessing not just for lovers of Internet but also for the people of Business. Being a phenomenal and influential social networking site, Twitter provides a strong connection between businesses and their respective clients in the way it helps companies from all over the world gain more supporters, or should I […]

Developing Yourself

5 Ways to Develop Yourself

There is always room for improvement, many people say. In fact, even the ones who are already well-established in their respective fields never close their door to further development as experts of their chosen profession or industry. This is because they keep in their mind that they should level up from time to time and […]

Hiring an Employee

Skills vs. Diploma (when hiring an employee)

Nowadays, there’s more to skills than the letterhead on a piece of paper bearing one’s name and his degree.  Skills are what count most in a competitive world of job interviews and line-ups.  It is the stamp of approval looked upon by managers and company heads the world over.  People who depend on their skills […]

The Success Principles

Top 10 Recommended Books for Leaders

Have a quick stroll in a bookstore and you tend to be overwhelmed by the dozens and dozens of leadership-related books. It seems like there are really a lot to write about it—from concepts like leadership development and leadership skills to success stories as told by leaders. Often, with plentiful of choices, we’re not sure what to […]

Company Mission and Vision

How Management Can Incorporate the Company’s Mission and Vision

Management defines how things are supposed to run in a company. Managers want to keep the status quo. Leaders, however, keep changing things. Problems occur when management has problems adapting changes to its existing systems. Leaders change things because they feel that the company is no longer in line with its mission and vision. In […]

Manny Pacquiao Visits CCF at  St. Francis Square Mall

Manny Pacquiao Visits CCF at St. Francis Square Mall

Pambansang Kamao and Sarangani Representative Manny Pacquiao together with his wife Jinky Pacquiao, visited theChrist’s Commission Fellowship (CCF) situated at the 5th floor ofSt. Francis Square Mall, established by Mr. Luke C. Roxas,  in Mandaluyong City. On the 29th of July 2012, the couple paid a visit to the establishment to hear the spiritual message […]

Business Success

5 Secrets in Business Success

If you dream to become the next best thing in business, surely you have to dig deep and hope for the best to make it. Here are 5 basic principles that should help you become a better businessman. 1) Dream Big! If a person’s goal is to simply survive in this world, do you think […]

Caliraya Resort Club

Latest Happenings at the Best Resort in Laguna

The dragon boat and canoe kayak competitions of the Second Philippine Sports Commission (PSC)-Philippine Olympic Committee (POC) National Games staged at Caliraya Resort Club in Laguna over the weekend of June 1 to 3, 2012. The kayak events in Caliraya include 200 and 500 meters in men’s and women’s sprint single, touring single and touring […]

How Much Price Margin Should I Apply to My New Products

How Much Price Margin Should I Apply to My New Products

You already have a solid concept of your product and you’ve also tested a few samples of it. Your product already has a market and the features have already been polished. Before you present it to the market for selling, you need to price your product properly. Pricing is a crucial part of the marketing […]