Company History

St. Francis Square Group of Companies was established to empower the Filipino by offering him products and properties which are yet the best of its kind.

The corporate philosophy of St. Francis Square Group of Companies is to strike the ideal balance between affordable products, equitable investments, best location and community welfare. Thus, the company's projects promote economic growth, open doors to small entrepreneurs, initiate new industry standards while setting the pace for world-class property development.

The trade secret of the St. Francis Square Group Of Companies is that it always keep in mind its buying public. That way, the company is inspired to keep abreast of and even exceed the expectations of its consumers.

In achieving this delicate balance, the company ensures that quality, service, value and community welfare are observed at all times. It believes that it is in giving back to the community that it gains more. In gaining the public's trust and confidence, the company is guided by an intangible yet higher purpose, the glorification of our God.