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“Everybody Dance Now!” 4 Tricks in Throwing a Cool Halloween Party at Work

Costume Party

Some say Halloween is just for children, but a lot of us would respectfully disagree. I’m sure that even though the thoughts of ghouls and goblins no longer keep you up at night, you are still very much into the creepy crawly fun. Heck, I bet your friends are too, including those in the office.

So, if you’re in charge of the Halloween party or just want to pitch in a few suggestions, here are some tips to help those timeless trick-or-treat traditions come alive in the office.

Steve Carell

Get your Freak On

Halloween without costumes would be like Christmas without gifts, so costumes are pretty much standard for all the fun-loving yuppies out there. Those who aren’t feeling it, on the other hand, will think they are too old to wear one. Of course, you want everyone to join in, but it’s wrong to coerce people if it’s not their thing.

In order to persuade more people, you can turn the whole thing to a contest, and the one with the best costume will receive a prize. The reward doesn’t have to be monetary; opt to give out awesome incentives instead! And if there are those who still don’t want to sleep in a spooky suit, then it’s cool as long as they’re partying with you.

Decor Horror

The fewer the minds, the fewer the ideas. So if the party will be on the office building and it’s just the Halloween party committee who will be doing the sprucing up, don’t expect them to get too creative.

Instead, why not have the entire office help out? Just like with the costumes, turn the decorating into a contest wherein each project or department will be competing against each other. With bonuses at stake, everyone’s creative juices will be flowing. The best part? The office will become a house of horrors, even just for a day.

The Office Halloween

Fright Food

There’s no such thing as a party without food. And since it is Halloween, why not give the goodies some ghastly properties? Serve sausages that look like severed fingers by (1) making slices that look like wrinkles and (2) placing a nail-shaped yellow bell pepper near the tip.

For the thirsty vampires on the floor, you can have blood-colored punch that’s kept cool by an ice hand, which you can form by freezing water inside a glove. You can also have dentures for desserts! Just get two slices of apples for the gums and white mallows sandwiched in between them for the teeth.

Fear Play

Find out which employee is the biggest fan of Halloween by setting up a horror film trivia contest! You’re pretty much guaranteed a spot on the Top 3 if you got most of the references from the 4 “Scream” films.

Another good idea would be “Guess How Many Candies Are in the Jar?” Since candy is one of the reasons for the season, everyone will love this. And since scaring is in, why not have tests of courage? Turn one room in the office into a really creepy spot and make the participants retrieve an item; the fastest one wins! Its heaps of fun with flashes of horror.

With these tips, your Halloween party can be fun and creative without being frighteningly pricey. Have a wacky witching hour, everyone!


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