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9 Tips for an Effective Customer Relationship Management

A Satisfied CustomerFor your business to succeed, you need customers. Without them, your business will die and find itself evaporating into thin air. Exaggeration aside, keeping customers’ trust and loyalty is very important. Managing them properly for a business’ survival is even more vital. This is where CRM or customer relationship management enters center stage. It entails all aspects of interaction that a company has with its customer, whether it is sales or service-related. Here are tips for an effective CRM:

1. Maintain an updated customer profile

CRM uses information to both identify with customers and co-create value with them. Relate other interests or topics when you communicate with your customers. Keep track of their birthdays, purchases and other life events. You never know when you might need them in the future and use them to your advantages.

2. Remember that your business exists for your customers

Ensure that you provide the best quality products or services. Practice good quality planning, quality management and control of your stocks. You don’t want to be caught off guard. It’s best to pre-empt for possible problems and invest in prevention and appraisal costs. Go the extra mile for the king, the customer.

3. Always communicate with your customers

As a business, you need inform your customers with your latest promos or other company activities/milestones regularly. This will make them excited and “in tune” with your company’s offerings. It’s a good idea to send them newsletters either by email or post mail.

4. Provide channels for customer feedback

Now that we’re in the Internet era, you can utilize the power of social media (e.g. websites, forums, blogs and other networking sites) for customer feedback. Aside from these channels, telephone calls can never go wrong. Just make sure that you provide good customer assistance and service by attending to their queries and issues raised in full attention. Try to resolve them as soon as possible. Don’t prolong the agony.

5. Reward your customers

Even as adults, customers feel great when they are rewarded. Giving out rewards (e.g. freebies, free gift or service after an accumulation of points or number of products purchased) and other incentives will strengthen the loyalty they have in your company. They will appreciate you more as they feel that their presence and authority are acknowledged.

Customer Relationship Management6. Promise only what you can deliver

Like normal individuals, customers hold on to your promises to them. Promising something you can’t deliver will disappoint them. What’s more, they might even spread the news, making your business’ integrity crash big time.

7. Educate your customers

Sometimes your customers need expert advices regarding the products/services they intend to acquire. You can tell them the ins and outs in the market, the boon and the bane. If safe, you can brief them about the uses of the product and then compare the brand or type you offer versus that of the generic ones. They might give you insights also and you’ll learn from them at the same time.

8. Interact with your customers

Don’t hide yourself behind computer screens. This is real life you’re living, when you have a business. Communicate with your customers face to face as often as possible. They want to see you work. By mingling and hanging out with them, you might find more potential customers through their circle.

9. Always say “Thank You!”

Be grateful and say thanks. They deserve your 10 cents because they chose you amongst the thousand others who can give a similar service or product they need. This is a simple gesture that can make satisfied customers.

Business is all about creating and enhancing relationships. It’s like friendship but on a professional level. Your customers are your most precious assets. Cherish them and pay attention. Nurture them and learn from them. With that spark of CRM’s magic, everything will fall into the right place.


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