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“More Fun in the Philippines!” 5 Timeless Tips in Surviving Heavy Traffic

Traffic in the Philippines

Have you experienced just sitting in the car, stuck in a nightmarish traffic, just ruminating on what you could have been doing at that moment? Such is an unavoidable experience if you reside in the Philippines, which is especially true for you if EDSA is between you and your workplace.

See the image above? Some say that those cars are still stuck in that very spot to this day. Here are some tips to help you get through the dreaded Philippine traffic.

Fix your Driving Schedule

It might be complicated to totally adjust your daily schedule, but you know it’ll be worth it if you’ve experience the peak of rush hours. Leaving home half an hour early can be the difference between cruising through the streets and being frozen in time and space.

Manila Traffic

Know When and Where to Re-route

This is when you realize that the smartphone and GPS are the most awesome inventions of all time. Follow accounts or download apps that can give you real-time traffic news. Have your GPS ready to point you to an alternate route with less vehicles. If you don’t have access to these, taking a quick glimpse at the news before going out will help a great deal, too.

Find a Way to Entertain yourself

Sometimes, attempts at thwarting traffic just won’t work. Your next best move? Stock up on snacks, ready a long playlist, bring a book, or download a bunch of games. Having these at the ready helps keep your mind off the traffic and somehow relaxes you – until you realize how late you already are.

Remain Vigilant on the Road

While everyone is rushing on the rod and distracted by cars cutting and overtaking, you have to keep a clear mind. Be both an offensive and defensive driver. There are times when you just want to badmouth the other drivers for being reckless, but don’t give in; don’t get into a fight. You have to keep yourself together even if everyone else has lost it. Otherwise you might not make it to work in one piece.

Don’t Ruin your Own Day

Patience is definitely a virtue, and kindness goes a long way. Everyone driving along the busy streets of Manila is just about as stressed as you are, and expressing your frustrations will not help you one bit. You will eventually get to where you want to be, so don’t ruin your day by being angry and acting out on it.

These are just some of the more important things to be mindful of when you’re in stuck in the middle of traffic. Don’t get the stress get into you and you’ll be just fine.


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