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“Heigh Ho! Heigh Ho!” Morning Routines to Do before your March Off to Work

Heigh Ho

People have all kinds of morning routines to get them ready for their line of work.  The late, legendary film critic Roger Ebert usually started his day at 7 o’clock with oatmeal cooked from his beloved rice cooker followed by an hour-long walk outside or on his treadmill. Afterwards, he showered, shaved and went to the first of three movies he had to see for that day.

Work can be stressful and tiresome, which is exactly why some people try to enjoy the little time they have before they march off to the office. It is often therapeutic and never harmful, so why not give it a shot? If you don’t have a morning routine yet, here are some ideas that may appeal to you.

Snow White


Hit the gym or take a 30-minute brisk walk! Physical activity delivers oxygen and nutrients to your tissues and helps your cardiovascular system work efficiently, giving you even more energy to conquer the day. Not only that, exercise also stimulates various brain chemicals that may leave you feeling happier and more relaxed. Thus, you’d be in a good mood as you start your work.

Eat a Healthy Breakfast

If you’re wondering, breakfast means “breaking your fast”. Your metabolic state is slowest during mornings because of the absence of eating during your slumber. When you eat breakfast, your metabolism accelerates, which also increases the awareness you need for the rest of the day. The healthier your breakfast is, the more effective you’ll be at work. Whole grain cereals and fruits will always be your best choice.

Seven Dwarfs


Start the day with meditation! Ask yourself: “What do I want to accomplish today? And how will I get it done?” Then visualize your plans. You can also think about your hopes, dreams and goals, and how your small steps today can take you to your desired future. Taking some alone time can set your mood and outlook as you start your work. Focusing on the big picture will make you more appreciative of what you have and less irritable to your huge workload or unreasonable boss.

Plan your Day Ahead

Planning is the most important part of your day. Why? It gives your day direction and helps you manage your time efficiently. So before you head to the office, make sure you’ve already mapped out your tasks and errands. Therefore, if you find that your schedule is too big for a particular day, you can delegate some tasks and reschedule meetings. Eliminate a decision dilemma by setting your priorities ahead.

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Have a Morning Gratitude Session

Take a minute in the morning to think of things you are grateful of. An attitude of gratitude helps you start your day right. It boosts your mood and makes you more appreciative of little things like good traffic or pleasant weather. You will be amazed at how one simple yet positive action can change the course of your day.

Look at it by this way: When you have a great morning, it’ll give the impression that your day is already complete. Remember, your morning attitude can make or break your day. So rise and shine by trying these tips and tricks. Surely, you’ll be singing “Heigh ho! Heigh ho!” as you march off to work.


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