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Love China Fellowship: Living for a Purpose, Living for God

Love China Fellowship founder Mr. Luke C. Roxas and Head Pastor Liu Feng headed on a revival evangelistic meeting entitled “Living for a Purpose” held at Wenzhou, China last April 26-29, 2011. The 4-days, 3-nights meeting happened at the majestic Wenzhou General Protestant Church facilitated by Elder Fan Da Ling who called on Chinese nationals who had passion for God to live for a reason by spreading the gospel to other people. Around 1,300 Chinese Nationals from different parts of China were present in the meeting to equip themselves with the word of God as they go along the journey of spreading the good news of His words.

A majestic church. Perspective of the Wenzhou General Protestant Church where the Evangelistic meeting was held

During the evangelistic meeting, important points on living for a purpose were discussed to all the participants who were very eager to know more about God and His teachings in the Holy Bible. Elder Fan Da Ling emphasized on the great value of living for a purpose not only for God but also for other people. Through this meeting, participants were enlightened more about living for a meaningful principle of sharing with others the story and message of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Part of the evangelistic meeting were great performances by Christian Chinese singers who are very well-known in China. Some of the performers present in the gathering was Xiang Hai and movie star/singer Yen Shuang from Beijing, and an amazing blind performer named Chen Yong who came all the way from Cheng Du to Wenzhou to attend this important evangelistic gathering.

Famous Singers singing to spread the gospel. (From L-R) Blind singer and guitarist Chen Yong, movie star/singer Yen Shuang and famous singer Xiang Hai

As the evangelistic meeting went along, Elder Fan Da Ling was able to give important points on spreading the gospel to all people – your family, relatives, friends, affiliates, business partners, people from work, and even to foreign countries. He was able to inspire a great number of participants in the meeting to also spread the gospel to other people. During the altar call, almost 99% stood up when he asked those who are willing to commit themselves to spreading God’s word. The number of believers during the meeting was really an overflow; indeed many are called by God to be His instruments in this world.

Committed to Spread the Gospel. Elder Fan Da Ling in front of the overflow of people who stood up and committed themselves to spreading the word of God to others during the altar calling

The revival evangelistic meeting. Elder Fan Da Ling (L and R photos) during his talks entitled “Living on a Purpose” held at the Wenzhou General Protestant Church at Wenzhou, China

The Love China Fellowship which was part of this huge evangelistic meeting is geared towards spreading the gospel to Chinese Nationals residing in the Philippines. Situated at Makati Hope Christian Shool, 2312 Don Chino Roces Ave., Makati City, this fellowship is open to Filipino-Chinese and Chinese nationals looking for a family in this foreign country. For more details, you may email or reach the following Chinese Pastors:

Chinese Pastor Liu Feng
• Mobile no.: 0922.811.5146
• Email address:
• QQ no.: 940660835

Pastor Isaac Wang
• Mobile no.: 0922.897.9403
• Email address:
• QQ no.: 1127753204


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