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Office Romance: Yeay or Nay?

Office Romance

Professionalism is the one quality trait either required or expected from everyone working in a company. Yes, you can make friends with your boss and co-workers, but the professionalism should stay the same: you clock in, finish all the work required, and then clock out.

But since most employees spend 40 hours a week at work, they end up interacting more with their co-workers than friends and family. The line between professionalism and personal emotions is blurred. It is likely that, with the constant communication and time spent at work, a relationship more than friendship develops. That’s right, what you have is a red-hot office romance.

In a work culture, especially that borne from a very conservative view, an office romance is considered a no-no. Boundaries have to be set: the office is for work, and creating friendships is merely a bonus. But today, we’ll take a closer look at the pros and cons of an office romance, and let you decide for yourself if it is okay or not.

Workplace Couple

Why is it good?

One pro of an office romance is the elimination of the “getting-to-know-you” stage of a relationship. Normally, dates and other activities together would constitute as a time set apart to become familiar with one another. But, since both of you interact with one another in the office everyday, you can tell if the other person is a good (or bad) match for you.

Another good side to an office romance is that you don’t need to look far for a potential mate. There are many potential prospects to be found in your workplace. All you need to do is see and evaluate if any of your officemates match your standards.

A word of precaution, though: HR practitioners follow a standard rule that allows a romantic relationship, but only if the parties involved are from separate departments. The reason for this is because two people involved in a romantic relationship within the same department might cause problems with personal and professional aspects.

Office Gossip

Why is it bad?

Romantic relationships can become distractions, preventing either one or both parties to suffer from decreased productivity, due to their supposed working hours being allotted to keep their relationship together.

Professionalism is also ruined, especially if either one or both parties cannot keep their emotions from getting the best of them in office-related exchanges.

There are taboos to be avoided within office relationships as well. If you’re flirting with the idea of getting involved with someone married, don’t. You will risk ruining the family life and your reputation, especially if word gets out.

Another con of an office romance is the possibility of gossip spreading around the workplace. If both of you are ready to stand up for your relationship amidst the flak and criticism, go ahead and pursue that relationship. If not, do not continue. You will only cause more damage to yourselves.

The Verdict

Based on these facts presented, do you think an office romance is good or bad? Do you agree with the statements or would like to respectfully share a piece of your mind? Feel free to do so at the comments section below.


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