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“Suit Up!” 5 Quick Tips on How to Wake Up Early for Work

Harvey Specter

What a beautiful morning! The sun is up, the birds are singing, and jumping jellybeans! Work begins in just an hour! And you’re still rubbing your eyes! You no longer have any time to figure out what went wrong, so you execute your morning routines at the speed of light, but to no avail – you’re still as late as the night owl is for the worm.

If you no longer want the same thing to happen ever again in this life and the next, here are essential tips you should take to heart.

Sleep Early

It’s a basic rule of thumb that everyone with common sense knows. Unfortunately, it’s so basic that people have taken it for granted or disregarded it completely. While it’s definitely possible to wake up early despite catching Zzz’s way past twelve, it leaves you weak in the morning. Aside from that, there’s also the likely chance of your body trying to make up for the lost hours. And if the body direly needs sleep, it won’t care about the alarm clock or the meeting you’re going to miss.

Set that Alarm Right

Whether the contraption that wakes you in the morning is a brand-new iPhone 6 or an actual, physical, mechanical alarm clock complete with a hammer and two bells, remember one thing – set it right! And if you’re using the digital alarm clock on your phone or tablet, make sure the AM/PM setting is correct; better yet, use military time. After all, the office punch clock won’t count a failed alarm clock as an excuse for tardiness.

Have Someone Wake you Up

For some unexplainable reason, your alarm clock didn’t go off even if the settings were accurate.  Don’t worry though, because unless you are living alone, you can always ask someone you’re living with to wake you up – if it’s not too much of a hassle for them, that is. Just cross your fingers that they’d remember to do so.

Don’t Stay in Bed

You’ve probably experienced waking up just in time or even earlier than expected. And whether it’s the former or the latter, you probably bargained with yourself for a few more minutes of sleep, and next thing you know you’re already running late! The scenario is too familiar, huh? Yeah, we’ve all been there. So when you start to convince yourself that you have five minutes to spare, jump out of the bed and prepare a hot cup of coffee.

Look Forward to Tomorrow

Remember your birthdays and Christmases? Even if you slept quite late, you still get up even before the sun starts to shine. Why? Because you’re excited. Now, imagine if you can do the same thing for work – that’d be wonderful, wouldn’t it? The night before, picture out a good, happy, and productive day when you wake up, and you’ll be catapulting out of your rocker. And since you woke up early, you’re more likely to have a beautiful day.

Mornings are opportunities to begin again. So instead of thinking they’re such awful drags, why don’t you wake up, drag yourself out of bed if you must, and enjoy the gift that is the present.

Harvey Specter


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