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Top Famous Feng Shui Beliefs in Business

Feng Shui, a belief that originated from the Chinese, stands for “Wind and Water”. It shows the connection between natural wind and water that helps “energy” flow. It has been long known to bring luck to whoever practices it. This has been linked to Chinese businesses that succeeded a long time ago. In fact, I can say that this is the best Chinese influence that has been brought to the Philippines.

There are a lot of entrepreneurs and big companies that seek Feng Shui experts’ knowledge about the matter. From the date of establishment, opening, workspace, etc, most trust Feng Shui findings. Let me list down 10 beliefs that all businessmen can use.

Feng Shui in Business

1. Knowing what business suits you: Everyone who aims to establish his or her own business is required to be well-informed and open-minded. Besides this, Feng Shui experts suggest that you match your competencies to your astrological chart. This chart calculates over a hundred of stars depending on your birth information. This enables us to know our strengths and weaknesses when it comes to business.

 2. Knowing the right place to build a business: It is important for your business site to be located where there are a lot of people. It is important to establish your business and promote it at that particular area first. However, Feng Shui experts say that even if your business has a lot of advertisements and discounts and promos, it will still not work if the place you have chosen doesn’t match the one your astrological birth chart suggests.

 3. Knowing when to open your business: Let’s say that you now have the right business and the right place. The next thing you need to take into consideration would be the time to open it. Again, considering the teachings of Feng Shui, your astrological birth chart is the key! Once you open during the positive peak of your life, you will have a smooth and successful business.

 4. People you work with: All of us have a corresponding astrological birth finding. The first three categories tackled were about you and your business. But how about the people you work with? As you open your business, consider mapping the astrological birth of your employees. This will enable you to know who gives positive and negative vibes to your business. This takes time but will have a positive effect on your business.


 5. Placement of Bagua: The Bagua is an octagonal chart that represents the point in a compass. This creates a positive energy to you, to your co-workers, and to your sales. The southeast point concentrates on wealth and fortune, which is the foremost goal in just about every business out there.

6. Position of Tables: Your table should be set to where you can see most parts of the room. You should also be able to see a door and a window at your place. Direct front and back view of the door wouldn’t work for you because it means that the luck will not circulate and will just go out the door.

 7. Desk: Desks should be properly organized so that positive energy will flow. Unimportant things should be taken off the desk; leave only the things you use every day. Career-enhancing stuffs should be put on your tables. Use the power of Bagua to attract wealth and fortune. Put a red or purple artifact on the Southeast end of the table.

 8. Plants and Flowers: Not only do fresh plants and flowers give us a natural feel of the environment, but they also bring luck to our business. Their lively green color brings prosperity and growth. Avoid cactus and dead plants, for they will block positive energy. Always maintain your plants and flowers to retain its vibrant and positive look.

9. Placement of the Chinese “gods”: The cabinet that holds the Chinese “gods” should never be in direct relation with water for it washes away the positive energy it brings. You should not place it in front or at the back of any source of water.

10. Water: When the source of water doesn’t block their “god’s power”, water can be beneficial to us. Do you know that they symbolize money? Fresh water in a fountain is a great asset you can put in your office. Another is an aquarium with a goldfish, which symbolizes wealth as well.

There’s always a touch of Chinese culture wherever we go. We are undeniably influenced by them. Unlike some of the substandard products they produce, we should take into consideration consulting Feng Shui experts in order to improve our life and wealth.



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