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5 Ways to Have Quality Time with your Kids after Work

The Dunphy Family

“I’m home!” You call out upon your kids stepping inside the living room. But then they don’t even turn their heads to greet you. They are busy watching the television or answering their homework. The workaholic in you has created a gap between you and your children. Sad, but that’s a reality amongst countless family nowadays. With a endlessly busy schedule like yours, where can you ever find the room for quality time with your kids?

Let us give you some bright ideas.

Luke I am your father!

Come home early

When you know the kids are waiting for you, don’t hang out anymore with your officemates after work. What’s the sense of planning bonding time with each other if you’ll only arrive after they’ve gone to bed? Never take the kids for granted because no one can take their place in your life.

Modern Family

Eat dinner as a family

Kids love to see their parents and learn from them. Simply eat the dinner together and talk about your day. Be a witness of the development of your kids’ personality as you listen to them talk about their teachers, lessons, friends and even that dog next door. You’ll be surprised at their quirkiness about seemingly trivial things.

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Help them with the homework

Isn’t it nice to see your kids learning how to draw a circle or do the math? You’ve no idea how much they’ll appreciate your supervision as they do their homework. Aside from the fact that they’ll get better grades, simple words of encouragement and approval will boost their confidence with his or her future projects.

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Tuck them in bed

Kiss them good night as you tuck them in bed. Or if you have more time and energy, sing them a lullaby or tell them a bedtime story. Kids love stories a lot for it is at this stage of their life that their imagination peeks. Who knows? Maybe you have the next Pablo Picasso or Neil Gaiman or Beethoven right under your roof!

Tucking them in bed also keeps their fears away. Maybe they’re afraid of those shadows created by intertwined twigs of that mango tree in your backyard. Or that sudden creaking in the cabinet caused by a scampering rat. If your bed is spacious, you can take the kids beside you at least once a week and hug them until they fall asleep. Oh, what a lovely sight it’ll be!

Phil Dunphy Funny

Enjoy “pasalubong” together!

Kids will really, really anticipate your return from work if you tell them that you are bringing a box of doughnuts for ‘pasalubong’. Aside from the actual munching, you can incorporate some lessons while you open the box together. You ask him to identify colors and shapes while teaching him or her the value of sharing at the same time.

Parenting is hard work, but it is your greatest job – and should be your priority. While your job can give you money, it cannot give you a child. So spend more of your time enjoying the company of your kids as you watch them grow and learn.


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