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Ways to Show Your Boss that you’re Ready for a Promotion

Job Promotion

You’ve worked so hard for so long that when you’re at work, you keep telling yourself that you’re ready for that much-deserved promotion. However, approaching your boss and telling him this in a straightforward manner might be one of the most difficult challenges in the workplace – maybe even harder than resolving a problem escalated thrice by your customer.

When it comes to speaking with bosses regarding promotions and good appraisals, you tend to feel awkward for no apparent reason except for pride. In this post, we shall discuss ways to help you learn how to show your boss that you’re ready for a promotion.

1) Get Certified

There are many other professionals in the same field as yours and they are also likely to excel in their own positions. But one thing that can set you apart is the mere fact that you are certified for doing a great job. Being certified means that you have the stamp of approval and in itself serve as a justification or reason for promotion. You can apply for online courses or take seminars or workshops to upgrade your skills and show your bosses and employers how far you’ve come ahead.

2) Ask Questions and Make Suggestions

If you want to be noticed, staying on your seat and doing your everyday routine work will not get you the ladder to promotion. You may not be able to face your boss to say upfront that you want to be promoted, but you can be on the top of his or her mind when you often ask relevant questions that stimulate curiosity and more ideas to get implemented. Also, make suggestions and make your voice be heard and impress the management. By doing so, your boss would deem you as a valuable asset in the company and to make sure you’d stick for an extended time, promotion might just be the answer.

3) Be Innovative and Be Creative

In present times, bosses are not only looking for well-established individuals who are great at their jobs but also those who can offer innovation and creativity to the table. These people are those who can think outside the box and even away from their comfort zones. These are the people who can ultimately lead teams and inspire them amidst unforeseen difficulties and hidden opportunities. Find problems which are rather harder to solve and look for creative ways to address them accordingly.

There’s probably no easy way to grab the attention of your boss and shine right away. These steps are all small stepping stones to get to your goals. Watch out for collaborations which can be a door for you to shine and make your boss proud of your work. When you leave a good impression every time, promotion will be offered to you in no time.


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